Socialists: Twisting the tail of truth again

This is an email reply to “Brad”, an email only acquaintance who is a Socialist and Democrat (but I repeat myself). His claim was that the founding of America was based on some tenets of Socialism

Ah, twisting the tail of truth again…
It is certainly true that that there were many opinions of what government should be in 1776, and among them those who still wanted the Royalty of England to rule them.

Likewise, there were other thoughts then as now of how a government should operate. The Federalist papers were for instance, that argument back and forth put to pen. So it would be of no surprise that some might vy for this socialist attitude you attempt to express here. Continue reading


The Missing Ethical Crockett in Today’s Government

At one time, a Congressman (or Senator) was watched carefully by the voting public, and held accountable. The Founder’s held that certain powers were given by the States and Individuals to the Federal government and itemized in the 21 enumerated powers in the Constitution.

My how things have changed.

But it was not always so. What if, I ask, Continue reading

The alpha and the omega

There is they say, a beginning, and an ending. And so this is the beginning of this blog. Its purpose is to collect my thoughts on a range of subjects as they come around. But all subjects inevitably have their conclusions based on previous learning and reading The world is full of books, but remarkable few really matter. Summed up here:

Ec 12:12  And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.

We know by experience that many books are written to assist in the learning of various trades, hobbies, crafts, and the like. These topics are constantly changing and so the books must also, becoming obsolete in time.

But other books dealing with understanding mankind, government, relationships between them, and history do not change despite what some would have you believe. There are Continue reading