The Monumental First 100 years

The Liberals, Socialists, Communists, and these days the Democrats have been trying for years to push the belief that America was founded as a secular country and government.

Their goal has been to substitute that belief for the now and previous belief that by religious and God fearing people settled and founded the colonies, then states, and then federal government.

Karl Marx, from whom the above follow to whatever extent, had as his goal to destroy religion and Capitalism, which he regarded as unequal distribution. Continue reading


There can be no lasting progress without liberty

There can be no lasting progress without liberty

For six thousand years men have struggled upward toward light and liberty; for freedom from the regulations and restraints of kings and princes; for the overthrow of their discretionary, their prerogative powers. With the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the establishment of our Federal Constitution, the day star of individual liberty rose to its zenith, its highest point. Under that liberty, unregulated and unrestrained, our rich men grew to be the richest and the largest in number, our poor men the best off and the fewest in number, our workingmen the best paid, housed, clothed and fed of any in all the history of the world. And yet, Continue reading