The Monumental First 100 years

The Liberals, Socialists, Communists, and these days the Democrats have been trying for years to push the belief that America was founded as a secular country and government.

Their goal has been to substitute that belief for the now and previous belief that by religious and God fearing people settled and founded the colonies, then states, and then federal government.

Karl Marx, from whom the above follow to whatever extent, had as his goal to destroy religion and Capitalism, which he regarded as unequal distribution.

From C. Leo Skousen and many other sources:

A. Karl Marx (1818-1883) combined with a wealthy benefactor, Frederick Engels, to write The Communist Manifesto in 1848. He said his goal was to dethrone God and destroy capitalism. It was an open declaration of war on modern civilization. He distorted the ideas of the German philosopher, George Hegel, to argue that the principles of dialectics made the rise of communism on a world-wide basis inevitable. To clean out the rubbish of modern civilization, he proposed to:

1. Wipe out the right of private property.

2. Destroy religion.

3. Destroy the code of morality.

4. Destroy the family and set up a community of women.

5. Destroy the system of government.

6. Destroy the system of law.

7. Destroy the history books and rewrite it in terms of class struggle.

8. Destroy all art forms associated with modern life.

9. Wipe out the concept of civil rights.

10. Manage the people as a herd of animals.

But instead of Karl Marx’s ideas of utopia, which actually date back to Plato or farther, our founders were religious, believed in God, property rights, individualism, Capitalism, and more. Proof of that exists throughout the written works of early American writings beginning well before 1776.

And the proof has also been written to granite in the form of the National Monument to the Forefathers located in Plymouth, Massachusetts,

National Monument to the Forefathers

National Monument to the Forefathers, in 2005

The monument, finished August 1, 1889, is covered with a choreographed engraved faces depicting the founding of the country and the influences and requirements for liberty.

These are adeptly covered in the documentary discussed on the Blaze:

Actor Kirk Cameron‘s ’Monumental‘ Film Looks to Rediscover America’s ‘National Treasure’

The DVD can be purchased online [here] and [here].

The problem is that America started to losing their religion (with apologies to REM) alongside their drift to a new religion called Socialism beginning about 100 years ago. And now at least some are fumbling around trying to rediscover it.

Let’s hope they succeed.


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