Socialists: Twisting the tail of truth again

This is an email reply to “Brad”, an email only acquaintance who is a Socialist and Democrat (but I repeat myself). His claim was that the founding of America was based on some tenets of Socialism

Ah, twisting the tail of truth again…
It is certainly true that that there were many opinions of what government should be in 1776, and among them those who still wanted the Royalty of England to rule them.

Likewise, there were other thoughts then as now of how a government should operate. The Federalist papers were for instance, that argument back and forth put to pen. So it would be of no surprise that some might vy for this socialist attitude you attempt to express here. Since you are a dyed in the wool socialist, and incapable of other reasoning or historical fact (ie Socialism always failed in the past, and still does) why would I expect anything else of you? Hence, this reply is not for you, but for other readers.

If one does in fact research this topic just a little bit, you discover that they are talking about communes. There is in fact a book on that (in my personal library in fact), titled “Two hundred years of Communes in America”. I have referred to this book in the past in with you. It boils down to this: the only commune to survive at all, is one that is based on religion, much like the Amish in nature. So not a bastion of progress per se. In fact, not much changed at all over time and it has been fairly stagnant.

And I’m sure the socialists are not enamored with a society based on religion as this one is.

But this is the end (and the intended end I believe) of all communes:

The most notable proponents of this latter being, in Britain, the Christian Socialists, and later writers like Joseph Reeves, putting this forth as a path to State Socialism.

In other words, >>>State Socialism.<<< IE, Communism. If you want to know how that worked out, look at Russia, China, Cuba, etc.

The point is that by the time we get to the adoption of the Constitution, what you, Brad, are claiming as part of it was NOT part of it and had been utterly and completely dismissed as unworkable.

So Brad and fellow Socialists, I see and know what you want. I know your works. You want power. You want to “win”. But history shows your winning means destruction and failure. Just leave and go to Cuba and leave us alone with our fine Constitutional Republic, or what’s left of it after the death of the Democrat Party and much of the Republican Party, and their compromise with the Communists over the past 100 years.

GW Cartwright, Democrat in 1925 (before much of the Democrat party lost its way) said:

Under communism there can be no freedom. The individual is nothing, the state is everything.
In Russia, under bolshevism, there is no longer any pretense of liberty of conscience, of speech, or of the press. Any one who dares to oppose the bolshevist policy is arrested as a ‘‘counter revolutionist” and imprisoned or put to death. It has been freely estimated by those returning from Russia that
1,800,000 men and women have been put to death for political reasons under bolshevism. John Spargo, one of most noted and respected of American socialists wrote, “It is doubtful whether intellectual freedom is possible under any form of socialism.”

Likewise, the communist radicals of the 1960’s said that perhaps 25 million of the America’s population would have to be exterminated in order to implement their socialism here. These people were associating with and working with Chinese communists and others.

GW Cartwright again (1918):

Socialism is beautiful to think about, but false in principle and impossible in practice. It will not work. It is unworkable. Socialist colonies starve and disband. If it is ever adopted in any country, that country will starve until it returns to private property and private profits. That has been its history. That will be its history until time shall have changed the motives that control the activities of mankind.


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