The Missing Ethical Crockett in Today’s Government

At one time, a Congressman (or Senator) was watched carefully by the voting public, and held accountable. The Founder’s held that certain powers were given by the States and Individuals to the Federal government and itemized in the 21 enumerated powers in the Constitution.

My how things have changed.

But it was not always so. What if, I ask, that a simple country hill folk in the backwoods of Tennessee were more aware of how a government should be run, how to follow the Constitution, than the vast majority in Congress and Senate today?

To illustrate and answer the question, a certain Congressman named Davy Crockett once heard that there were victims of a terrible fire in Georgetown. And he voted to spend $20,000.00 of public money to help the victims of the fire.

When the legislative session was over, Crockett made a trip back home to do some campaigning for his re-election. In his travels he encountered one of his constituents, a man by the name of Horatio Bunce. Mr. Bunce bluntly informed Crockett, “I voted for you the last time. I shall not vote for you again.”

The point of this true story of Davy Crockett’s lesson from Mr. Bunce was that the tax money from the public is not his to give away but rather must be spent according to the limits of the U. S. Constitution. How sad that many of our U. S. Representatives and Senators do not understand or do not care about the rules, but make their own. The have no ethics whatever. No base of knowledge of the nation’s founding and laws. And these errant delegates will be the end of us by spending the public largess ans they foolishly follow their emotions, pleas from political hacks, etc.

Read the story from the Congressional Record [here] or [here].

And vote the way Davy Crockett’s constituency would.


One thought on “The Missing Ethical Crockett in Today’s Government

  1. Very good post, and I really liked the movie! Our members of Congress are so far removed from our founding principles it’s doubtful they’ll ever return. It’s obvious one of their dearest aims is to insure the people become more and more ignorant of the Constitution and our true history. They have cut such education from our children’s public school curricula, along with any mention of the Christian faith that is the foundation of that Constitution. They want us to be a people who have forgotten our history and our God, they need us to be, otherwise we’d never allow them to do what they’re doing.

    Politicians have had the bit in their teeth for so long, generations, that not only are the runaway horses now controlling the horse race, the riders hardly seem to notice anymore. We’re riding to our doom on the back of an out-of-control government that thinks of the people as their slaves, if they think of us at all. Those in government have become so out-of-touch they seem unaware we the people are the founders of their feast. Government’s members, who do nothing productive, destroying wealth rather than contributing to it, consider *us* “useless eaters”!

    The people’s ignorance isn’t totally their fault, but it’s the people who trusted, and now it’s the people who are paying the price for that misplaced trust. What would the Americans of Davy Crockett’s time have done with something like the TSA, or all the restrictions on gun ownership, or ObamCare, or the government’s war on Christianity? Are there any Americans left in America?

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