Social Security: Bait and Switch Politics

Beginning in the early 20th century, the infiltration of Socialism/Progressives into American politics became strong. And Progressives such as Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt were elected and pushed many socialist schemes into place. One such scheme was Social Security Insurance (SSI).

The idea of Social Security “Insurance” itself came from Germany, then a National Socialist Party (NAZI), government:

“By 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt embraced the German idea that there should be government-run “social insurance.” That wasn’t legitimate insurance, where participants have a contract, they pay premiums based on their life expectancy, the premiums are used to make productive investments that will cover the benefits, and the participants and their heirs have a property right to receive benefits that have been paid for. As the Supreme Court later affirmed in Flemming v. Nestor (1960), nobody has a contractual right to receive specific Social Security benefits — Congress can change benefit formulas at any time. Continue reading


The Winter Chill Coming to Your Living Room

Before the election of President Barrack Hussein Obama in November 2008, he gave an important speech. This speech (SF Chronicle Jan 17, 2008) was when Obama’s Promise to Bankrupt the Coal Industry was made. And your electricity rates will “necessarily skyrocket”.

So should we take those threats seriously? Well, President Obama, like Hillary Clinton, are Progressives. So how has our energy policy fared with Progressives over the history of America?

And secondly, Will the policies of the Progressives cause an energy shortage today, in 2012 and later?

The first clue I noticed was that, going back to GW Cartwright’s book, Mutual interests of Labor and Capital, where he noted:

“In 1918 there is a great fuel shortage.”

What? Why was there a shortage? Well, let’s read some more: Continue reading

What Is Capital?

Even since Karl Marx (164 years ago) wrote his idea of a Utopian society in The Communist Manifesto (1848) and later, Capital (1867–1894) (Das Kapital), socialists have tried to redefine the rewards of your labor as “evil”. The socialists, with the help of Marx and Engels, define what is your savings and your investment as “excess” which is then theirs to take and redistribute your money as they see fit, always taking “their cut” of course.
To illustrate that these actions today is nothing new, listen to the words of G. W. Cartwright, Democrat CA, in 1918:

To the thousands of admirers who had listened to his impassioned appeals for “Social Justice,” the freedom of the “Wage Slave,” the destruction of “Big Business,” and to his indictment of “Capitalism,” Continue reading

The Monumental First 100 years

The Liberals, Socialists, Communists, and these days the Democrats have been trying for years to push the belief that America was founded as a secular country and government.

Their goal has been to substitute that belief for the now and previous belief that by religious and God fearing people settled and founded the colonies, then states, and then federal government.

Karl Marx, from whom the above follow to whatever extent, had as his goal to destroy religion and Capitalism, which he regarded as unequal distribution. Continue reading

Socialists: Twisting the tail of truth again

This is an email reply to “Brad”, an email only acquaintance who is a Socialist and Democrat (but I repeat myself). His claim was that the founding of America was based on some tenets of Socialism

Ah, twisting the tail of truth again…
It is certainly true that that there were many opinions of what government should be in 1776, and among them those who still wanted the Royalty of England to rule them.

Likewise, there were other thoughts then as now of how a government should operate. The Federalist papers were for instance, that argument back and forth put to pen. So it would be of no surprise that some might vy for this socialist attitude you attempt to express here. Continue reading

The Missing Ethical Crockett in Today’s Government

At one time, a Congressman (or Senator) was watched carefully by the voting public, and held accountable. The Founder’s held that certain powers were given by the States and Individuals to the Federal government and itemized in the 21 enumerated powers in the Constitution.

My how things have changed.

But it was not always so. What if, I ask, Continue reading

There can be no lasting progress without liberty

There can be no lasting progress without liberty

For six thousand years men have struggled upward toward light and liberty; for freedom from the regulations and restraints of kings and princes; for the overthrow of their discretionary, their prerogative powers. With the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the establishment of our Federal Constitution, the day star of individual liberty rose to its zenith, its highest point. Under that liberty, unregulated and unrestrained, our rich men grew to be the richest and the largest in number, our poor men the best off and the fewest in number, our workingmen the best paid, housed, clothed and fed of any in all the history of the world. And yet, Continue reading